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Greece: Plastic 0. Learning STEAM outdoors

Projecte Erasmus, sostenibilitat.

What? Erasmus is an activity in which 14 students from Livàdia, Greece and 14 students from Badalona and Esplugues take part in a project related to nowadays’ sustainability awareness by recycling, reducing, and reusing.

Who? The Greek participants are from different grades at 3rd and 4th Secondary Schools of Livadia, and the participant students from Escoles Garbí are all of them 1st ESO Students.

How? Through school activities and mobilities of students’ groups. Meeting at airport, sharing homes with the host families, visiting schools, attending lessons and joining activities which raise their awareness about environmental problems.

When? The project began at beginning of this school year, but the first mobility started when the Greek students arrived at Barcelona airport on the 21st of April. They spent a week in Badalona and Esplugues schools. Next 12th May the group of students from Garbí Pere Vergés schools will travel to Greece until the 19th.

Why? The Erasmus+ activities organised within this project raises students’ awareness of all the environmental issues, gives them the chance to practise English language, motivates students to become more sociable and tolerant, and of course, promotes students broaden their horizons.

Where? Last week, in Badalona and Esplugues. In two weeks, in Livadia, Greece. The learning programme took the students to visit CRAM, collect sand samples from Barceloneta beach and Badalona Beach to analyse plastic remains. The schedule provided cultural visits around Barcelona and allowed our Greek guests to enjoy St. Jordi Festivities.


Written by Greek and Catalan students

Projecte Erasmus, sostenibilitat.

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